Kitchinspiration: Orange French Toast

DadChallahMy Dad can really cook. Like, REALLY cook. As a kid I just kind of thought that that was what food tasted like. But as an adult I have learned that NO, in fact, not everyone can make food taste that good.

Perhaps the crowning jewel in his arsenal is French Toast. I know, I know…how hard is it to make French Toast, right? It’s not, but my Dad just makes it better than everyone else. I think it was the first dish he really mastered and every Saturday morning as a kid he’d take Friday night’s leftover Challah and make the most delicious thick-cut cake-like french toast you’ve ever tasted. Pretty much any time the guy offers to make me french toast I can’t get to the table fast enough.

So for my birthday this past Sunday when my parents arrived at our front door with all the fixings for French Toast and my Dad told me he was switching up the recipe for the first time in all my thirty two years, you can imagine why I was like: WHAT?

Orange French Toast you guys. He took the milk out of his French Toast recipe and replaced it with Orange Juice — an idea he’d apparently picked up from a lactose intolerant friend the weekend before. I was not psyched. But Papa Larry sure was.

OJSee, what’s happening here is my Dad is half mocking me, half actually showing you what he’s using in his French Toast mix. OJ, eggs, cinnamon, orange peel, and a bit of vanilla. There’s no measurements. Dude just knows how to make perfect toast every time.

OrangeToastAnd always in a butter-soaked electric skillet. Which, apparently mine isn’t good enough because he brought his own. Not to mention garnish and spices.

OrangePeelOf course I should have known that if my Dad was going to switch up his famous french toast recipe it would be with good reason — that stuff was freaking DELICIOUS!

I can’t stop thinking about how good it would be if you made it with apple juice. Like pie or something. With a big ‘ol side of bacon. Mmmmmm. Look out next weekend, my tastebuds are coming for you.

OrangeFrenchToast(Here’s the part where I should totally have a picture of my Dad and Delilah enjoying the fluffy orange treat together to wrap things up, but I’m not that organized.)

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