Royal Bump Watch 1982: When The World Awaited Prince William {Hoarding Pays}

image-5I’ve always had this weird thing for hanging on to ephemera. I remember being horrified when in the 11th grade, our Religion teacher took us into a back room of the library and instructed us to choose from the school’s backstock of vintage magazines for a collage project we were working on. I selected more than my fair share and quickly shoved them in my backpack in an act of bizarre secret magazine-saving cleptomaniac heroism.

Through years of Purgeday Thursdays, I haven’t been able to bring myself to part with my stacks of vintage magazines. And then I stumble across something like this at the timeliest of moments, and I remember exactly why. These old magazines? They’re slices of the way things were. More truthful and honest slices than any history book could ever give you because they reflect a time for what it was — time capsule imagery, obsolete turns of phrase, madmen ads, and all.

DianaGuardsOkay, that was a little over the top, but you get what I’m saying. This stuff is priceless in so many ways. And as luck would have it, while prepping my yard sale this past weekend, I unearthed this May 1982 LIFE Magazine, published just weeks before the birth of Prince William, chronicling Princess Di’s pregnancy in the public eye.


What a rare look back just as Kate Middleton is weeks from giving birth to her and Will’s own first babe.

image-1It’s strange, reading about the mold-breaking publicity that accompanied Diana’s first pregnancy, the unprecedented paparazzi coverage the came with everything she did, so shocking at the time, and so normal for those in the public eye today.

photo 2Click HERE to see full color images of the 1982 LIFE story

DiMaternityCoatWish we’d gotten to see her as Grandmother Diana. What a lovely presence she was.


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