Here’s The Secret: We’re All The Worst Mother Ever


Nearly a year ago one of my beloved college roommates had her first baby. We live across the country from each other now so I wasn’t there to bring over dinner and hold the baby so she could take a nap after a week straight of sleepless nights. But we could text message. At any and all hours we could text message. Technology is cool like that sometimes.

There’s something about giving advice to a truly new mom that makes you feel like not-such-a-new-mom anymore. I’d even say I started to feel like something resembling an experienced Mom as I realized I knew all kinds of answers about breastfeeding and sleep habits and just general baby stuff — something I never felt like I truly grasped when I was fully immersed in Dee’s baby years. There were days when I would wonder what the nurses and doctors at the hospital were thinking when they let us take home a living breathing human baby.

Anyway, there was one particular day when my sweet roomie was having a rough one. One of those Murphy’s Law of Parenting days when anything and everything you do ends up in meltdown mode with an audience of judging eyeballs and you feeling like the lowest of the low — a tick on a flea on a rat — if you will. She recounted her experience trying to breastfeed her screaming baby in public for the first time and the epic disaster it had become and then she said those familiar words…or she texted them:

I just felt like the worst mother ever.

I had to check to make sure that it wasn’t a text from my past self. Because here’s the secret: We’re all pretty much the worst mother ever. 

If parenthood has taught me anything, it’s that nobody knows what the hell they’re doing but most of us really truly are doing the best we can. It’s that every. single. one of us has had a moment (or twenty) where we are absolutely, positively, unequivocally sure that we’re doing it wrong. And maybe we are. But as long as we love our kiddos fiercely and protect them the best we can, I’m more and more convinced that we’re doing it right.

That, friends and lurkers, is my #sparklingtruth. “What is a sparkling truth?”, you might be wondering. In honor of the release of their (crazy delicious) brand spankin’ new sparkling fruitwater, Glaceau (makers of smartwater) sponsored this story as a part of their #sparklingtruth campaign: A movement where we pull back the curtains on those moments where life happens and we choose to laugh at ourselves and sparkle on.

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