Stick It To Your Instagrams


I had no idea when I ordered a couple of sets of StickyGrams to check out that they were going to turn out to be a full-blown obsession. Well, color me a fool. They are crazy fun. [StickyGram sponsored this post, but full-blown obsession can’t be bought.]

Sticky2BWhat are StickyGrams? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. StickyGrams are tiny little magnet-backed prints of your favorite Instagrams that come in sheets of nine and break up in to the funnest thing since those little mini Polaroids came out in the 90s. (Do you remember those? Joycam or something? Man I thought those were the bees knees.)

Sticky5Anyway, StickyGrams are a lot like those except not because they aren’t instant, they come via Royal Mail from England (shipping is free to everywhere on earth!) and are much prettier because they are made from your Instagrams. And they’re magnetic. So different than the Joycam photos, but I would argue EVEN BETTER. There I said it.

Sticky4I made one set entirely of pictures of Delilah figuring I’d share with our folks, but instead every magnetic surface in my house is now covered with little pics of my little lady. Except the fridge, because the fridge is mysteriously not magnetic. Seriously few things in this life annoy me more than that. “Stainless Steel” my butt.

Sticky3I tried to stick some inside my car, but there weren’t any magnetic surfaces strong enough. I did succeed in hiding some inside our medicine cabinet, which give me a chuckle in the mornings.

ScottyDeeFor my other sheet, I picked all photos of Dee and Scott together and now I can’t bear to tear them apart. I think I just may frame them. *Swoon*

Anyway, you can visit StickyGram to see how easy it is to create your own lovely little magnets, and just for being a reader of, go ahead and take 10% off your order using the code 818READERS. Aren’t you clever for reading here? Enjoy!

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