Purgeday Thursday On Time: Life clearly altered

Duders, Purgeday Thursday is turning out to be totally awesome. I mean, not only am I getting my shit together in ways I never could have imagined — even my Mom is impressed, and The Marge is like the type-A orgnization QUEEN {clearly why I’m not} — but the purge is spreading and you guys are kind of putting my sad weekly progress to shame, which in a weird way makes me happy, I guess?

First Alex’s purgeday post in her first week ever on her first blog made me want to hire her to redo all my graphics, and secretly wish I hadn’t nudged her to start a blog, because it’s automatically going to be awesomer than mine now:

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The first to join up with our now EIGHT PURGER STRONG army of badass clutter-cutters, Karen went from this to this in the space of seven days.   Actually, her before and after shots are so freaking impressive, I’m stealing one from her and posting it here:

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Karen and I have also hit a similar road bump in our purging and organizing, so once again, we turned to Apartment Therapy’s small spaces and organization expert and our own Purguru in residence [yes, I made that word up] SUPER BETH of BNEATO to help us through our rut.

Karen’s question was this:

What the hell do I do with all of the random stuff that really has no home? Like the binoculars that we use once every four years; or the batteries that are too weak for the camera, but can still be used in the clocks? They always end up on my desk, or shoved in the back of a cabinet, only to be found years after we needed them. What do you do when you need a “Junk Walk-In Closet” rather than a “Junk Drawer?”

Super Beth kicks it off with some [her version of] tough love this week:

For starters..dig deep and ask yourself, do you really need those binoculars that you only use one time every 4 years? Especially if you’re creating a home in which you want to keep the things you only need, use and love.  [Consider: could you] borrow a pair when you actually need them?   My rule of thumb is if you might use something in the future but you’re hanging onto it anyway, it’s clutter.

BUT if you’re in disagreement and saying to yourself, “Beth, I don’t want the subtext, just tell me how to find a home for them“, here’s my answer:  Even though the item may seem miscellaneous, think about the item. What category could it fall under? When do you use the binoculars? For me, I would group binoculars with travel (because that’s where I would think to look for them when I need them–the travel zone of the closet). You might also find suitcases, shoe bags, a neck pillow, etc. in this area.  …Used batteries, [could go under “Utlilty”] you might also find flashlights, light bulbs, duct tape, extension cords, and tools in this zone.  You might associate batteries with a different category, if so–store them there (wherever you’ll remember is what will be best for you).

Always, always, always label items–that way, you’ll never have to think about where an item lives. If you truly cannot figure out homes for items, group like with like (using color and size as your categories). Over the door clear shoe organizers are perfect for stowing small items but keeping them in view and work great on the inside of a closet door.

{My sister in law, Maegan has a brilliant version of that for her “entry table” HERE.}

My plight is slightly different, but only slightly.  It’s not only the out-of-control junk drawers, but the archives of magazines, the business cards I’m hanging onto because they’re pretty, and UGH WORST OF ALL the old backup drives that I’m not ready to destroy, but am sicker than sick of looking at as clutter in my office.   And I thought my design-loving kindred spirit Beth would kind of get me on the “keeping things ’cause they are pretty” front, so I was prepared to take whatever advice she threw at me. But *gasp!* here’s what she had to say:

For business cards, depends on what you’re keeping them for. I like to enter them into my computer’s address book (and create categories so if I’m looking for handyman, etc., I’ll know just where to look). If you’re not virtual, Staples makes business card holder clear pocket pages that you can put in a binder and arrange by category. My mom is old school and recently made a rolodex for all of her business cards–again, whatever works for you. But if they’re stacked in piles and you don’t have a system for keeping them, they’re not searchable = no bueno.

Magazines also aren’t searchable. I say recycle the old issues and start new (if you really want any information in those old mags, find the article(s) or items of inspiration and tear them out for future reading–then toss). For me, I’ve found that they just collect dust and I never go back to them so it wasn’t worth it for me to hang onto them. The new rule or system for you might look like this, new magazine comes in–old one goes out.  If you’re saying to yourself, “I haven’t read the old one yet…” you might be subscribing to more magazines than you can read.

Old back up drives would live in archive storage land (my guess is you don’t need access to it but it needs to be accounted for). For me, that would be with previous years taxes land (top of a closet, back of a cabinet, etc). Just make sure you have noted where you have these items stored.

So, point taken on the “searchable” tip, but Ooooof. Throw away my magazines? Everything else I can get on board for, but my back issues of magazines?  THROW THEM AWAY? I dunno Beth, I’m gonna try.

See, suspiciously quiet shady lurkers?  You should jump in on this Purgeday Thursday action, because it is GOOD TIMES up in here.   And since I’ve stalled out with a week of sickness keeping me from the nearest organization mecca to pick up some  more effective wall pockets and pretty file folders (and also, try to emotionally separate myself from my black mesh desk organizer that I’m thinking is adding more clutter than clearance) I’ll leave you instead with these new, improved #purgedaythursday buttons and things.   Because I was bedridden, okay?

A banner, should you wish to include one at the foot of your posts:

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So?   Are you going to make this awkward for me, or are you going to link up?

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