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The Tabloids Will Be The Downfall Of Humanity (Or At Least Womanhood.)

Over the weekend, I was catching up on the breaking news in the Supermarket checkout lane when I spotted it: An old file photo of brand new Mom Kim Kardashian emerging from a swimming pool in a bikini, airbrushed to high heaven, with a headline alleging “I GOT MY BODY BACK!” Sometimes, I feel like as regular women we are… Read more →

“Mommy Wars”: An Argument About Us, Around Us, But Not Between Us.

By now you’ve seen this weekend’s TIME cover, right?  The one where 26-Year-Old Jamie Lynne Grumet is breastfeeding her upright, not-quite-four-year-old-son Aram. I’m not really interested in talking about the image and the shock value it was selected for. I breastfed Delilah to 14 months myself, and I think that the decision to breastfeed, to extended breastfeed, or to not… Read more →

Ready to Rumble

So it’s not the most flattering (or least blurry) belly shot I’ve ever taken, but Scott thought it would be funny to jump in front of the camera while I was posing (which amused the hell out of him…the posing part.) I kind of like him being in my picture though, so I’m going with it.    That’s us at… Read more →