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On Becoming An Accidental Nomad

[Editor's Note: This is the first post from Sara, one of my dearest friends and now a monthly contributor to The818. Need more details? Click HERE. -m-] This isn’t the life I expected to have. When we sold our house … Continue reading

Say Hello To Sara. She’s A Nomad.

So remember yesterday when I said there would be some contributors joining up around these parts? Their posts will be peppered in with mine from time to time (you’ll hear from each of them every few weeks) in hopes of … Continue reading

Bridesmaidery: Wedding Day Bridal Survival Kit

Before NY was shut down by Hurricane Sandy, it was lit up by Mike and Lindsey. {photo by Sara, yes THAT Sara, who YES! does weddings!} I’ve barely finished uploading my photos from Lindsey and Mike’s incredible bookstore nuptials, and … Continue reading

We’re Awesome at Camping

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times…REI is THA BOMB. (That’s right, I wrote it ’90’s style because that’s how serious I am about this shiz.) So you already heard about my shopping trip to buy goodies … Continue reading

Dashiell and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Cake

The boy turns three tomorrow, but watching Sara expertly wrangle her two little men while managing to serve the six-layer rainbow cake she made from scratch while remodeling her bathroom (no, seriously) — you’d think she’d been at this Mom business … Continue reading