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I Got A New Wallet And I Love It

It’s made of Tyvek house wrap, and this particular limited collection is the love child of paperwallet’s collaboration with Pianofuzz. So much sturdier than my big clunky fancy leather ladies wallet that I thought I needed to be an official grown … Continue reading

Bouncing Souls

As you may know, we live in limited square footage. That goes for our backyard, too. We have about 200 square feet of yard for us and our menagerie (don’t worry, they’re not held prisoner in our tiny space, they … Continue reading

Deck the Challs

Finally, something bigger than a Menorah that I can display alongside our tree. {These are by Zion Judaica. Oriental Trading Co has some nice balls as well.} Dee was awesome at decorating the tree… …in a perfectly straight line.  Across the … Continue reading

Baby DeeDee

Speaking of purging…my big cousin is having her first baby (a girl!) and I’ve been putting aside some of our favorite things to send her (whoops, cuz ~ I hope you’re too busy being pregnant to stay up to date … Continue reading

Cool or Crazy?

Getting dressed has always been a little bit of a roulette game for me ~ I’ve been known to wear something because I think it’s “funny” and I assume everyone else will get the joke.   {According to my husband and … Continue reading