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Things Scott Says: Portrait of Lotte Edition

You may have already seen the latest installment of Franz Hoffmeester’s ongoing project “Portrait of Lotte” in which we can now watch his daughter Lotte age from birth to 14 in a beautifully crafted and what many are calling “heartbreaking” four tiny minutes. But last night, when I showed it to my husband, (who — quick update — is currently… Read more →

Car Talk With My Husband”>you

Recently, Scott’s been having some trouble with his Jeep. (It’s worth noting here that when a car guy says they’re having car trouble, it can be hard to discern if it’s a bad transmission or if he just means he need some “me time”.) At any rate, it appears that this time the car trouble is legit because yesterday he… Read more →

Father/Daughter Conversations

[That is the Lalaloopsy Crumbs Dress that Delilah got for her birthday. She is obsessed with it, only she thinks it is the dress Belle wore in Beauty And The Beast. Last night, outfitted in her new favorite frock, fancy shoes, and a gold purse, she announced she was going to the store. When she “returned” the following conversation took… Read more →

Can We Talk About Back Hair?

Riddle me this, blog readers… Scott and I have been together for thirteen years. Married for five. And…y’know, when and a man and a woman share that kind of intimacy for that length of time…shit can get weird. Here’s one of those instances: Every day…or at least often, my husband requests that I do something that he thinks is part… Read more →