Tog + Porter Makes the Girl

Before childbirth?  No one ever asked me to wear all white to a party, save for my wedding, and ballet slipper satin isn’t exactly a clingy fabric.

But since I had a kid and started a blog white party invites come about SHOCKINGLY often. (Okay twice, but still.)  My recent trip to Miami would be no exception, so I made an SOS call to the ladies at Tog+Porter, and…well…it was the start of a beautiful partnership.

{Tog + Porter dressed me in clothing and attitude. The shades were my own.}

Here’s the breakdown on how Tog + Porter works.  For %100 FREE, they will style you via skype consult both before and after sending you a giant box of genius clothes – both talented indie designers you might never track down on your own, and familiar names paired in ways you might never have thought of.  Whatever you don’t like you send back, no hard feelings, and no charge.

And let me tell you, it is freaking awesome.

{What’s that?  DIY red ombre hair that’s not a total disaster?  Pretty psyched.}

The ladies checked in to make sure I would be comfy wearing a “hot pink bralette” under a sheer white top to add a pop of color to my party outfit.  I wasn’t totally sure, but said I’d give it a go.  In the end?  I felt great in it — totally sassy and not at all exposed.  Although I probably wouldn’t rock the look for parent’s night at Dee’s preschool, it definitely put me in the right mindset to be social at a cocktail party.

{Here I attempt to do the “skinny arm/skinny leg” pose that hollywood starlets have practically patented.  Looks like I overshot with my bottom half.}

Uh, also?  How awesome are MY SHOES?

Ready for my next look?

{Hello. I am a giant.}

Dress via Tog + Porter. Necklace/Sunglasses my own.

{I feel very awkward having my photo taken and couldn’t figure out how to stand normal.  But I love this dress and wear it at every possible opportunity.}

The thing that really struck me about the clothes, and perhaps more importantly the way T+P styled the outfits for me, was that I think it made me a more memorable and confident person somehow.  I mean, I guess it’s not that crazy that you look good, so you feel good, but HOLY WOW did I get more attention in my T+P outfits than I am used to.  Not like, MAN attention, although Scott has made his approval known, just like, good ‘ol Rodney Dangerfield RESPECT (as opposed to Aretha Franklin RESPECT which is something else entirely), which I think was maybe coming from something I was putting out by sharing my personality through my outfits a little bit…even though I didn’t pick out the outfits, but that is the genius of Tog + Porter — they worked with me to figure out what my personality and personal style was, and then they did me one better.

{Don’t worry, they were crap glasses.}

I’d like to thank Tog + Porter has reawakened me to JUST WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET DRESSED EVERY DAY (self care! hello!) and I’m hoping to show you my new pieces many times in many variations, as (with the help of Maureen) I’ve started to get more adventurous in my daily dressing and integrate the new stuff in to what remains of my post-purge closet.  Anyway, I’ll wrap this up with my favorite tank and the headband that makes me feel like Steven Tyler in the best way possible.

{Taking photos in your front yard is really awkward.}

That’s all I got, friends.  That, and I’m officially using Tog + Porter for all my clothes shopping until Delilah is in Grad School and I have free time again.

Do clothes make you feel like a different person?

Oh, and if you’re thinking of giving Tog + Porter a spin, feel free to use referral code ShanahanTP12 so they know I sent you.

[Tog + Porter sponsored this post, but they didn’t buy my deep deep love for them.]

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