No Baby, YOU’RE a Firework.

image-24Last year, my sister-in-law moved to a small resort town in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. There’s a lake and all the goodness that comes with it.

image-26For our second Independence Day in a row, we’ve made the trek to the San Bernadino Mountains — just like I used to to with my parents as a kid — and strolled together from Maegan’s house to watch the fireworks lakeside.

image-28It’s the moments when you realize you’re making memories that are kind of the best.

image-21{Dee and Aunt Maegan dip their toes}

image-9 image-3

image-1I think Scott would stay there forever. I think I could stay there for a very long time.


image-13 image-15 image-19 image-23Our two self-employed selves rarely get away together for more than a day, so spending a weekend in the mountains swimming and paddle boarding felt like an awesome kind of eternity.

image-10{bagged down and lake-bound}


Dee2 Dock

Boat Lake!{Our generous hosts! Thanks Maeg and Pep!}

image-12 image-8 LakeView Maeg MaegonLake ScottDee

DoginaLifevestDOG IN A LIFE VEST! (Not ours)



BeBopDeeIt’s been a fast week, as it always is after a holiday, and I can’t quite seem to catch up on life. This weekend, we head back inland to Anaheim where I’ll be keynoting on the Power of Visuals online alongside the amazing Jessica Shyba of Mommas Gone City  (who doesn’t love #theoandbeau?) at the Type A Parent Bootcamp at Disneyland. That means we get to spend the weekend at Disneyland, you guys. Sometimes, my job is super cool.

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